Do not let the border stop you, continue with unlimited numbers of customers via SMS service to ensure more direct and effective communication.

70% of people have mobile phones, and can easily receive phone messages without the need for internet or computer hardware. Public response rates for telephone messages are 20% and statistics confirm that their impact exceeds ten times the number of newspaper advertisements.

Through the SevenReach SMS service you can:

We help you reach the broadest audience.

We save you time and cost on a standard basis.

We guarantee you true and effective communication with customers.

Ensure that the client receives the message and responds with it or not.

Enjoy the secret and fast service available to the majority of target recipients, through:

Identify a large database with the largest target audience, updated regularly.

Measure the public's reaction to the message, evaluate its feasibility, and make adjustments to it.

Send text messages in more than one language and across different communications companies.