Brand Listening Features

What individuals and institutions have built for a good and positive reputation in years may be wiped out by rumors, false news and critical articles in moments where people are now putting their judgment on what search engines are saying. Using leading technology and technology we can track your reputation through electronic media and manage it effectively to provide an ideal picture of what You are it.

75% of the value and success of the company is based on its reputation, since 61% of people are looking for products over the web if the electronic reputation is the key element in the success of any organization.

With SevenReach's Brand Listening Service:

Protect your reputation from any lies that prevent it from happening.

We help you create a true and positive reflection of what you are.

Become safe from rumors and misleading news.

Get more effective communication with your audience (hear the voice of your customers).

You have the optimal control of your competitors and you can estimate their market size more accurately to know where you stand between them and how you can outperform them.

We provide you with proactive crisis strategies.

Determine the most successful marketing strategies in the future.

Know what's new in your area of ​​expertise.

Know what's new in your area of ​​expertise, by:

Internet monitoring (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and news sites) 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

An alert system for serious and decisive action in the troubling situations of crisis control in its infancy.

Submit a daily report of all published material about the brand, institution or public personality to be followed by its electronic reputation

A monthly report that includes statistics on all activities and interactions throughout the month to allow more efficient market leadership.